PicDescriptionTypeTierTargetUsable WithHP UsedFP UsedSP UsedCast Delay
Prism Beam
Shoots the target with a powerful beam.
FireBasicAnother Race, MonsterStaff03006 Seconds
Area of effect fire attack.
FireBasicAnother Race, MonsterStaff07506 Seconds
Fire Ball
Attacks the target with a blazing fire ball.
FireBasicAnother Race, MonsterStaff06006 Seconds
Flash Beam
Attacks the target with a light beam.
FireBasicAnother Race, MonsterStaff09006 Seconds
Flame Arrow
Attacks the target with a flaming arrow.
FireExpertAnother Race, MonsterStaff060012 Seconds
Circle of Fire
Area effect circles of fire.
FireExpertAnother Race, MonsterStaff0150012 Seconds
Attacks the target with an explosive shot.
FireExpertAnother Race, MonsterStaff0120012 Seconds
Attacks the target with multiple light beams.
FireExpertAnother Race, MonsterStaff0180012 Seconds
Blaze Pearl
Attacks the target with raining fire balls.
FireEliteAnother Race, MonsterStaff090018 Seconds
Solar Blade
Area effect explosion using fire blades.
FireEliteAnother Race, MonsterStaff0225018 Seconds
Blazing Lance
Area effect using a fire lance.
FireEliteAnother Race, MonsterStaff0180018 Seconds
Area effect meteor attack.
FireEliteAnother Race, MonsterStaff0270018 Seconds