PicDescriptionTypeTierTargetUsable WithHP UsedFP UsedSP UsedCast Delay
Ice Shard
Attacks the target with a shard of ice.
AquaBasicAnother Race, MonsterStaff03006 Seconds
Mist Shot
Attacks the target with an icy mist.
AquaBasicAnother Race, MonsterStaff06006 Seconds
Blind Sight
Temporarily blinds the target.
AquaBasicAnother RaceStaff03006 Seconds
Decreases the targets defense power.
AquaBasicAnother RaceStaff03006 Seconds
Frost Arrow
Attacks the target with a frozen projectile.
AquaExpertAnother Race, MonsterStaff060012 Seconds
Aqua Blade
Attacks the target with a powerful ice blade.
AquaExpertAnother Race, MonsterStaff0120012 Seconds
Elemental Burn
Decreases the targets elemental resistance.
AquaExpertAnother RaceStaff060012 Seconds
Power Drain
Reduces the targets attack / force abilities damage.
AquaExpertAnother RaceStaff060012 Seconds
Wave Rage
Attacks the target with multiple ice balls.
AquaEliteAnother Race, MonsterStaff090018 Seconds
Frost Nova
Area effect attack using ice clusters.
AquaEliteAnother Race, MonsterStaff0225018 Seconds
Decreases the targets critical and dodge abilities.
AquaEliteAnother RaceStaff090018 Seconds
Reduces the targets attack speed.
AquaEliteAnother RaceStaff090018 Seconds